Meetings are held in the Fortuna area. Regular chapter meetings are held on the second Saturday of the month from September to May beginning with a social time at 9:30 AM. Exceptions are noted by *. Please contact Regent Shirley Lipa for specific locations and times.

Dates Details
Sep. 7*

Chapter Meeting

Program: Patriotic - A Game about the U.S. Constitution


Sep. 13-14

Northern Fall Council - San Ramon Marriott


Oct. 12

Chapter Meeting:

Historic Preservation: Short Chapter Meeting, then going to the Fortuna Pioneer Cemetery for DAR Day of Service



American Heritage Tea in Roseville


Nov. 9*

Chapter Meeting:

History: Chapter will meet at the Fortuna Depot Museum. Alex Service will present a program on Women's Suffrage

Dec. 14*

History: Christmas Tea at a member's home and a look at the Chapter's history books

Jan. 11

Chapter Meeting:

History: Reading between John and Abigail Adams, also a White Elephant Sale

Feb. 8 

Chapter Meeting

Education/History: Pot Luck Luncheon and Awards given to DAR Good Citizen, Cursive Writing, and American History winners

Mar. 12-15

112th State Conference, San Ramon Marriot

Mar. 21*

Chapter Meeting:

History: Program on American Indians

Apr. 11

Chapter Meeting:

Patriotic: Flag Facts and a military folding demonstration, also honoring community flag flyers

 Apr. 23-24

 Genealogy Workshop presented by Dr. Debbie Duay, Sacramento

 May 9

 Election and installation of new officers

 May 15

 Northern Spring Council to meet the candidates

Jun. 24-28

129th Continental Congress, Washington, D.C.