Meetings are held in the Fortuna area. Regular chapter meetings are held on the second Saturday of the month from September to May inclusive at 10 am. Exceptions are noted by *. Please contact Regent Linda Gillette for specific locations and times.

Dates Details
Sep. 9

Chapter Meeting

Program: Two members will present short histories about their Revolutionary War ancestors. There will also be a presentation about Molly Pritchard.


Sep. 15-16

Northern Council

Place: Rancho Cordova - Sacramento Marriott


Sep. 30

Day of Service

Program: Verification of Internments @ Fortuna Sunrise Cemetery


Oct. 14

Chapter Meeting

Program: Honoring American History Winners, Retired HSU history professor Rod Sievers will speak on WWI and how it influences our daily lives.


Oct. 21

District III meeting at Ukiah, Hampton Inn.



Nov. 11

Chapter Meeting

Program: Veterans presentation at the Veterans Memorial Building. We will meet at the Museum in the morning, then we will go to serve cookies at the Memorial Building  and enjoy the presentation.


Dec. 9

Chapter Meeting

Program: Christmas tea at Regent's house. Chapter history books will be availiable for viewing.


Jan. 13

Chapter Meeting

Program: History Day Presentations - in progress - from students of Michael Chatfield belonging to the Academy of the Redwoods


Feb. 10

Chapter Meeting

Program: Pete Haggard, author of "Insects of the Pacific Northwest", will be talking about butterflies in general, Monarchs in particular, and habitat.


Mar. 10

Chapter Meeting

Program: Honor DAR Good Citizens luncheon at Museum


Mar. 15-18

CSSDAR 110th State Conference

Place: Irvine Marriott


Apr. 14 

Chapter Meeting

Program: Flag Flyers and another great Howard Jones Presentation


May 12

Chapter Meeting

Program: Topic forthcoming, Election and Installation of Officers

June 20-24

NSDAR 127th Continental Congress, Washington D.C.